Monday, September 15, 2008

Missing No. - The Clatson Winic

Missing No. record their own sample sources. I'm not sure how they do it, but they make incredible electronic music out of their own home recordings. I guess I'd call it bedroom IDM. Be sure to check out the track IDX, which is a personal favorite. 

Download "The Clatson Winic"

1. Yellow Jacket
2. Outside Films
3. Suite B
4. Rose Broom
5. IDX
6. Jeighemm590
7. Kronos
8. Purple Jacket
9. Dan's Cup of Gems


imperfectclark said...

Thanks for sharing these guys. I agree IDX is excellent. I also like Yellow Jacket, reminds me of Caribou. Awesome to discover bands like this in my (former) backyard.

imperfectclark said...

^ Derek Clark

Anonymous said...

I havent thought of this song in almost a decade and it was one of my favorites, theyre guys from my hometown lakeland i think, clatson winnic is Watson Clinic, local medical care provider.