Saturday, February 7, 2009

Slow Jam of the Moment

For some unknown reason, I've only recently discovered the work of electric saxophonist Eddie Harris. This is strange for a number of reasons, particularly my unhealthy obsession with delay and echo units (Harris used the Echoplex) and my interest in electrified, spacy jazz (a la Donald Byrd's Electric Byrd album). In any case, I've been lovin' me some Eddie Harris lately - especially this quiet, sensuous track from Is It In (1973):

"Space Commercial" - Eddie Harris

I love the delayed, (probably) Uni-Vibed guitar work and Harris' electronically treated solo. Supposedly the mechanism used for this song was built by Bob Moog, which should give you some idea of Harris' cred among the 1970s' electronic music community. Bonus points for the early drum machine.


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