Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday Songs.

After Soul Sides featured Blossom Dearie's "Sunday Afternoon" and Mixtape Riot featured Margo Guryan's "Sunday Morning," I thought it might be fun to post a few other "Sunday songs."

"Sunday Date" - the Flee-Rekkers

Produced by Joe Meek, this song has all of his signature gimmicks: tremelo, treble-y guitars, cheap tape echo and wordless vocals. So good, it almost makes you forget that he murdered his landlady. (Incidentally, another of Joe Meek's groups, the Moontrekkers, recorded a track called "Sunday Sunset.")

"Black Sunday" - the Skatalites

I'm still trying to figure out which Black Sunday this song is referencing. Personally, I think the Skatalites were inspired by Italian director Mario Bava.

And because I think it's completely over-the-top and therefore strikingly different from Margo Guryan's recording, here's a cover of "Sunday Morning" by Spanky & Our Gang:

"Sunday Morning" - Spanky & Our Gang


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